Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009: A New View Has A New Home

Good Day Everyone!

Thanks for finding your way to A New View Blog, however we have just moved to our new home at Applied Spirituality.

For two years, has generously hosted us here, helping us find our way in the world of blogging. With gratitude, we thank blogger for hosting us and supporting our journey along the way.

As all things change, Applied Spirituality has new digs! And so we have moved our blog to our new Wordpress Website. Please make one more click and come see our new home. While you're there, stay awhile: read some articles, check out our 2 new books with online classes, and join in on the discussions in our community.

We'll keep the light on for you....

Thanks for reading, Kath

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember Me: Veterans Day Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

This morning I came across this video as a tribute to our military personnel. I wanted to post it for you, because I believe it has value because it speaks of Love.

Remember Me Video

My experience with the military coming from a family of three girls was limited until 1966 when my cousin Dan Zegarac was killed stepping on a land mine in Vietnam just three weeks prior to his completing his tour. His funeral was closed casket and with full military honors. If you've never experienced a military funeral, no words can explain how heart-wrenching the experience is. He was 19 years old.

My father was a B-17 pilot in WWII. He flew 32 mission from Framlingham, England over Germany, He flew two missions dropping food to the starving Dutch in Operation Chowhound, and his last two missions were liberating French POW's out of Austria back to France. He spoke little of his war experience.

My son is currently a Navy Pilot and has been to the Middle East twice, so far. Recently he has been detached from his flight squadron at NAS North Island where he was a helicopter pilot and instructor and is now attached to the USS Boxer at 32nd. St. The Boxer is in the yards for repairs and will be deployed next July.

Along the way I have known other military families. I have watched fathers and sons be deployed and absent for long, long stretches of time. I have seen how these families cope and manage. They learn to love over long distances and large stretches of time. They learn that Love is the only thing that matters. They learn that the time we have together is right now and to make the most of it.

Recently I had the opportunity to contribute as an author to a book, Heart of A Military Woman, compiled and edited by Sheryl Roush and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez which is being released December 1, 2009. If you'd like to purchase it, click on the title. I contributed a prayer. It goes like this:

My Prayer


Kathy L Kirk

Dear Universe, All That Is, Source, God, Angels, Guides and Masters,

Help me remember that my son is a complete Godkit with his very own personal connection to Source.

Help me remember that he has his very own Internal Guidance System which he knows how to follow naturally.

Help me remember that he is the sole Creator of his Life; that Source is responding to his desire for his safety, effectiveness, service and a long, healthy life with a dream of children of his own.

Help me remember that everything is within God, even war.

Help me to remember that All is Well and that Well Being Is all that is Real

Help me to remember that my job is to stay in Well Being myself; and this is how I can best serve and support him.

Help me to remember that there is nothing to fear; and nothing to worry about, ever.

Help me to hold the Space of Well Being so that others may find it, too.

Help me to envision him only as safe, happy and productive, being the beautiful Light Being he is even on deployment. Maybe, especially there.

Help me to feel the bond of love that I have with him and send nothing but more Love over the airwaves via my heart and my thoughts.

Help me to send Love to everyone, including those we are “at war” with.

Help me remember that there is no death, but only this eternal adventure of Life.

Help me thus to be a Light in the World by assisting our collective evolution into Oneness, the Christed Consciousness, where there is no separation and at last we are living Heaven on Earth

Thanks All, Judd’s Mom

While I still envision a world where we don't need a military at all, I have learned to love and support these angels who have served and who do serve today. I appreciate you, bless you and love you beyond measure.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evolution: It's All About Consciousness

Good Day Everyone!

This morning I read an article in of a recent scientific study that concludes that mankind is still evolving. Well, no kidding! When did we ever think that we weren't?

What is so interesting to me is that scientists conduct studies about evolution only as it pertains to biology, as if biology and consciousness weren't inter-related. For example, in the study they conclude that due to natural selection, women in Farmingham, Mass (subjects of the study were participants in Framingham Heart Study) will be 2cm shorter due to natural selection over time.

However, no one studied the elements of the choices that were inherent in their selections for mating. Those elements of choice, which reflect the individual's attitudes, beliefs, and degree of awareness (consciousness), are what drove the selection choice initially.

The Evolution of Consciousness

Way, way back, Neanderthal people were highly developed physically. We suppose that they were not mentally developed. However, their choices (consciousness) drove them to hunt and track for food and survive their environment, which made the physicality highly developed.

As 'time' marched on (long stretches of it), their "desires" for easier, warmer, led them to increased awareness for ideas such as fire, wheel, team work, etc. These "new" inventions, led over more large stretches of time to the physical changes right up to current day.

The earth, mankind, the Universe, changes and expands with each and every new desire that issues forth from every single living thing. It is an elegant process, slow and deliberate, which creates the next version of what we see manifested in physical format.

Steve Jones, an evolutionary biologist at University College London says, "Uniquely in the living world, what makes humans what we are is in our minds, in our society, and not in our evolution."

Here! Here! Mr. Jones. Finally!

We are choosing every single bit of our reality from the quality of our DNA to the quality of our fuels. Everything goes into the big mix, and when we come up with something (result) that we don't like, we desire something better, and thus the evolution and expansion of consciousness and physicality go hand in hand. We have the power to change our DNA.

For now, though, it's lovely to see science knocking on the door of consciousness as the thing that drives absolutely everyone and everything.

Thanks for reading!


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chicago: A City Full of Life

Good Day Everyone!

I just took a weekend getaway to Chicago. Wow, what an amazing city! If ever I was going to live the "city" experience, it would be in Chicago.

Years ago I did a marketing gig for the Four Seasons/Ritz Carlton hotels in the dead of winter in Chicago. What I remember most about that week there was Walter Peyton's Americas Bar and Grill and dancing until about 3:00 am at which point they rolled out a free breakfast so everyone would go home sober. What struck me about that, and the whole city for that matter, was it's big heart.

Going to Chicago is like getting a giant hug.

I drove from Cleveland via the Ohio Turnpike, the Indiana Turnpike and the Chicago Skyway. Some $21.00 in tolls later, I was just in time for rush hour traffic. But hark! These people are even lovely on the freeway. Unlike Los Angeles or even my beloved San Diego, if you turn on your signal to change lanes, Chicagoans don't speed up to block you out. No siree. They actually allow you to get in front of them with a graceful hand gesture which seems to say, "Be my guest, please."

Whoever designed the rail system, the "L", in Chicago was a genius. You can get anywhere you want to go from the distant suburbs and local neighborhoods. It's fabulous. And guess what else? They're clean, graffiti-free, safe and fun to ride. Who woulda thunk?

Whilst there I was able to catch the musical, Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. That, too, was superb. They replicated the sounds of Frankie Valli so much so that at first I thought they might be lip-syncing. I haven't enjoyed a show so much since Mama Mia.

I strolled about Millenium Park, went to the old Library which is now the Chicago Cultural Center. This building is absolutely magnificent and made me wish that I'd been able to come here when it was the functioning library. It's inspiring and beautiful. It sports two Tiffany domes and on the walls and ceilings are myriad mosaics with encouragements for knowledge and books.

Whilst at the Cultural Center, I was able to see an exhibit of journalist cartoonist John T McCutcheon (1879-1949). He was talented, insightful, and his cartoons dealt with many of the same issued we wrestle with even today. However, I was particularly charmed by this cartoon advertising a card game as a "Volcano of Excitement and Laughter".

Then I went on to walk Millennium Park where people were out strolling, playing, and generally enjoying the day outside without any complaint about weather, temperature, or anything. They were happy!

Chicago is a fabulous town rich in history and with a good sense of humor and a large heart. It combines successfully all the benefits of a big city with the authenticity of Real Life. There is Love in abundance flowing in this town which is evident by the way it feels. It seems to say, "Welcome!"

Thanks for reading!


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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Life Well Done

Hello Everyone,

With the imminent release of my second book, Well Done - A Story of Applied Spirituality, it is irony that a dear friend whose life was indeed, well done, has passed away.

This post is in tribute to my friend, Jack Caldwell and soul mate, love of his life, and wife, Doreen.

Jack was my neighbor in Descanso. He has been wrestling with Parkinson's for quite a few years. In the two years previous to my moving to Ohio, I became close friends with the Caldwells. I would go over and do energy work on Jack and Doreen, but what I got in return was a deep and abiding friendship and the privilege of being in the company of a couple whose marriage I truly admired.

Never did I hear a cross or demeaning word exchanged between them. Neither did one talk about the other behind his/her back. There was no sniping, sniffling or self pity. These two took the progression of Parkinson's in stride, each one adjusting along the way. Jack to increasing confinement and inability to communicate his brilliant mind and thoughts, and Doreen with her increasing responsibilities for his physical care and all the home, financial and business duties. Never did either one of them utter any words of regret or self pity. They fully enjoyed that they were together and appreciated that fully.

The last time I saw either of them was at my farewell party which was hosted in their home so Jack could be there. With all that Doreen had on her plate, it was "no trouble" for her to host 60+ people to say good bye to me. I remember hugging Jack on that last day, knowing I would never see him again in the physical.

But I left him with my vision of Jack: "Jack," I would say to him as I worked on him, "I see you standing on a Scottish Highland in your kilt, playing your bagpipes. You're hair's blowing and so is your kilt. You have a radiant glow on your face, because you're free and happy and well."

Jack died on Wednesday, 9.22.09. That night I heard him playing his bagpipes in my ear. He is home, well, and happy. Although I confess a great sadness that I can't give him a squnch.

Jack and Doreen emigrated from Scotland to America in the 1970's. They were a young couple and his trade was glass. They built a life, a family and a business here in America, in San Diego.

Life goes on, both here in the physical and in the nonphysical. But what a great adventure you had here, Jack! Well Done, indeed. Your life was an occasion, and you rose to it!

Thanks for reading!


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Monday, September 14, 2009



The Prayer of Appreciation

Good Day Everyone!

The single most effective prayer is the prayer of appreciation.

What is a prayer of appreciation?

Anytime you are focused on something and appreciating some aspect of it. It is the opposite of criticism. For all practical purposes, prayer is an internal attitude which you are emanating outward as your vibrational countenance, which by the Law of Attraction, Source is matching.

The very best "object" of your appreciation which is in closest alignment with Source, or God, is appreciation of yourSelf. In short, loving and appreciation who you are is the closest vibrational match to God there is.

Imagine that?

Try this for a few weeks. Your intention each morning is to go throughout your day looking for things, people, ideas - anything - that you can appreciate. You intend each day to be the sleuth of those thinks that you like, that put a smile on your face, that make you twinkle back!

After making this a habit, you'll see a marked difference in the things that are coming into your life. They get better and better. Do this long enough and your life choices go from where you began to good, to great, to wonderful, to stupendous, to fabulous...

And this folks, is very simply how you change your life. It's entirely up to you and your choice of focus.

Shall we start? Now.

Thanks for reading,


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